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Tejas Centennial Fund

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Basic Considerations

The founding documents of the Tejas Foundation include three purposes for us:


·      To provide adequate housing at a reasonable cost for current members of the Tejas Club;

·      To establish and foster communication among members of Tejas past and present; and,

·      To provide educational incentives for current Braves, which we fulfill though the scholarship program.


We have much to be proud of.  It is amazing that an organization whose core membership turns over every four years and has a volunteer-run alumni group has thrived for 95 years.  Something to celebrate!  However, as a former Foundation President points out, “one of the first things that every new President learns is just how fragile our whole operation continues to be.”  That is what we need to change.


What We Need

For the Foundation and the Club to thrive for another century, we need stability and we need options, including sufficient funds to consider ways to provide appropriate housing in the future if needed.  That requires engagement of our alumni on a more consistent basis so that we can call on them not only for funding but also for many other activities.


Our challenges are substantial.  Like every volunteer organization, we rely on a small percentage of our membership for leadership and for funding.  We do not have sufficient reserve to meet our long-range needs for the Tejas House, much less to pursue other options if they present themselves.


After exhaustive legal research, we know definitively that our main need for funding (maintenance of the Tejas House) is not a charitable purpose under the law, and therefore contributions to the Tejas Foundation itself are not tax deductible.  We cannot continue to look for ways around this but must address it directly by encouraging support for the non-tax-deductible effort.



The Centennial Plan

As we enter our second century, the Centennial Committee proposes that over the next five years leading to our centennial, the Tejas Foundation will focus on creating and sustaining a core group of alumni who pledge to give $100 per month ($1,200 per year) for the five years between 2020 and 2025.




We will invest the Centennial Fund into the Tejas House. We have been caught for years in the cycle of arguing about exactly what needs to happen to the house, but in the meantime not raising the money we would need to make any option possible.  The Tejas House Long-Term Planning Committee under the leadership of Steven Hardt has done exhaustive research on all of the options that have been proposed over the years, and improving the existing house is the only one that is feasible.


We hope that the centennial campaign will not only raise a substantial amount of money, but also create a new core of donors who will continue to give regularly.












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